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Organic Vegetables & Fruits

*Strict standards of the National Organic Program are followed to produce the best produce
*No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
*Crops are rotated each year & minimal till practices are used to preserve soil integrity
*Pollinator & wildlife habitats are preserved & mowing times are optimized to prevent wildlife loss
*Compost is used to prevent food waste & promote healthy soils
*Land conservation is further supported with donations to the Land Trust

Organic Eggs

*Fed 100% USDA organic vegetarian feed made of real grain, organic oyster shell for strong eggs, natural grit & organic herbs
*No antibiotics or hormones
*Our Chickys are lovingly cared for & have access to fresh pasture to forage, natural light & clean water 
*Water is primarily provided in NSF stainless steel or glass waterers, sanitized daily 
*Provided with regular enrichment within their pasture & a minimal stress environment
*Strict standards of the National Organic Program are followed to produce the best eggs 
*Happy Chickens produce the healthiest eggs!

Bake Sale Goods 

*Bake sale goods are made with organic eggs, flour & sugar
*Many of the other ingredients in our bake sale goods are organic, & all are non-GMO
*All contain a reduced amount of sugar to promote a healthy lifestyle. 
*All packaging is carefully sourced to ensure recycled content, recyclability/re-use & sustainability.  

CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge 

Wright Farm abides by the CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge

CSA Farm Share

*Hassle Free Community Supported Agriculture Program
*No forms or written agreements
*Pay on pickup, just as you would with groceries
*You can also pay in full prior to the season to save money!
*Cash or check accepted 
*We differ from others in that we offer a wide variety of products in our CSA, including our eggs!
*CSAs are extremely limited, contact us for availability
*Even though a CSA may be sold out for the season, we periodically offer one time pick-ups & do our best to meet the needs of the community. If you are interested in this, let us know!


226 Sharon Tpke
Goshen, CT, 06756, US

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Dedicated to providing the highest quality, sustainably grown organic products and to the preservation of the natural world

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